Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Map Wrap

My use of maps as wrapping paper is driven purely by its visual impact (rather than environmental) but nevertheless, "being green" is relevant and this counts!

Stacks of old AAA maps from our travel adventures have given us the most beautiful packages. I even think that they look best without any ribbons at all. Isn't it neat how all maps "relate" to each other in color, scale and print? Fabulous.

Back in 2007 (when I first used maps as wrapping paper) I used an adhesive crystal to denote a spot that was meaningful to the recipient. My family & friends just loved it - touches like that are so simple, but they have an emotional impact.

Then I switched gears last year and played up my love of sewing by wrapping packages in sewing patterns! So pretty and unexpected.

What inventive wrapping will 2010 bring? Time will tell.


Patricia said...

No it´s not white chochlate or egg nog... =)

It´s a kind of Toffee that we make in Sweden every Christmas...really easy and delicious.

1 cup suger
1 cup cream (whipping cream)
1 cup syrup

Stire it all together in a ceramic boal and pot in Microwave oven oh high spead, for 5 minutes, stire and run it again in Microwave in 4 minutes and then stire in half a cuup of shopped almonds and pore in to small cups and let cool down and stiffen....deliscious!

Merry christmas again!
Love Patricia

Anne Reeves said...

Ohhh yum! Maybe I can make it between Christmas and New Years! Thanks, Patricia!