Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cookie Exchange

I love a good cookie exchange. A chance to bake some cookies, bring them to a party and leave with a smattering of everyone's very best baking.

A few years ago the cookie exchanges around here got out of control - the only ticket in one was to agree to bake (wait for it) eight dozen cookies. Good grief, as if we aren't frantic enough this time of year. But things have settled down again and I just attended a cookie exchange (2 dozen) at a Junior League meeting.

What I noticed was how happy the women were as they selected a cookie from each plate. I could see the wheels turning: tea, neighbors, mothers, hospitality, chocolate! All of these lovely thoughts swirling around in their heads, triggered by the bounty before them. Everybody feels better when they have something sweet to offer.

Bon Appetit!


Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

I went to one today, too! They are quite fun!

Anne Reeves said...

I love them. The new thing is a "cookie walk" - church members bake and offer cookies for sale in a cookie exchange style walk. Interesting!