Monday, December 7, 2009

Pink Poinsettias

Now this is an ornament! When I saw a pack of soft pink balls at Michael's, I knew I had to dress them up into something wonderful!

Enter: glittered pink poinsettia floral picks and a few spools of wired ribbon. As I carried my bounty around the store, I got approving glances from all the ladies.

I set to work in my kitchen one night and ended up with a row drying (the glue gun glue had to set) on my oven door- it was quite a sight!

Love it!


LillyB said...

This is beautiful!! Thank you for the idea!!!
I've missed your pages and inspiration!!

Nicole Bergman said...

Wow! I love that- it is gorgeous.

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you Lilly and Nicole! It makes me happy to know people are enjoying this!

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

When I first saw this, I went "Ooh!" It is that stunning!

Elaine said...

So very beautiful!