Saturday, December 5, 2009

Holiday Tea

Day in and day out, my tea of choice is English Breakfast. But when the holidays come around, I can't resist buying the entire collection of Celestial Seasonings' Holiday Teas.

When I offer someone a cup of tea, there is always a lot of interest in trying something special this time of year and who could resist choosing between:

Candy Cane Lane
Gingerbread Spice
Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride
Sugar Plum Spice
or (my favorite) Nutcracker Sweet.

I am giving you the heads up that this collection is not stocked in all stores and is available in limited quantities, so buy it if you see it. I am happy to say that the online store works well too and since this year I could not find Nutcracker Sweet (black tea with a hint of vanilla) on the shelf, I'll be ordering online too!

Who do you have tea with?


LillyB said...

I'll have to give these a try. I love Hot tea and Iced tea!!

Nancy Carabio Belanger said...

My favorite is the Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride. When we were in Boulder a couple of summers ago, we were lucky enough to tour the Celestial Seasonings factory! It was the highlight of the trip for me. The peppermint room was INTENSE! It really clears out the sinuses! LOL

Anne Reeves said...

Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride is my favorite herbal! Yum...
Nancy - I am so jealous of your experience at the CS factory -cool!