Friday, April 20, 2012

Greenhouse Art Event

I like to go to events that make sense.  A friend invited me to tag along with her to an "artist spotlight" that was being held at a local garden center, Goldner Walsh. Since garden centers aren't open in the evening, the open spaces and aisles of plants become and interesting venue to showcase paintings, stroll with a glass of wine and chat.  

Standing among the plants and the fresh scent of dirt, you can't help but notice the correlation between the gardener's world and the artist's.  The gardeners design, the plants are their paint and the greenhouse is the gallery.  So naturally, another kind of art (actual paintings) could be successfully displayed with the ultimate backdrop - fresh green leaves.  It really was a lovely setting.

The art itself didn't speak to me, so I won't highlight it here, but a little gem did stand out, the sweets caterer, Little Dove Bakeshop.  The owner, Bethany Young, was onsite and it was fun to talk to her about the "hint of cinnamon" in her brownies and how she "steeps the lavender" to enhance her mini lemon lavender tarts.  Her treats were devoured and I think she has a bright future.  Her plans include opening a bakery in Detroit and I wish her the best of luck. 

I took this photo of a tabletop collection of topiary trees (very reasonably priced at $20-25) and it made me want to sign up for one of their classes.  Have you ever tried to train a topiary?

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