Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tools of the Trade

As another Easter vacation draws to a close, my husband and I went to the post office today to mail home a box of things that won't fit in my suitcase.  When the postmistress got to the questions about the contents of the box ("Does it contain anything liquid, hazardous, perishable..."), I answered no and told her it was just clothes and odd things.

Then I started naming the contents of the box to my husband because it was so funny.  "Lamb-shaped cake pans, electric hand mixer, edible luster dust, knitting needles, beads, duct tape, self-healing mat...you know, my Tools of the Trade."  Isn't that funny?  I wonder how many other girls brought crafts and baking supplies with them on their vacation.

I am heading home and I will be there for a nice long stretch.  I am looking forward to working in my garden, trying new recipes and making custom touches for my home.  There is a lot of Delight on the horizon.

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