Friday, April 27, 2012

I'm a rosarian

It's official.  I'm a rosarian!  I went to a lecture on roses at Telly's Greenhouse in Troy and their resident rose expert let us in on a secret.  Anyone who grows more than one rose can be called a rosarian!  One online definition is even more generous, you need only be fond of roses to earn the title. 

In reality, I probably actually am what you would imagine a rosarian to be.  I've had a rose garden for almost twenty years and I currently have 18 rose bushes in my garden getting ready to put on a show in June.  I've even travelled to "the mothership."  I went on a pilgrimage to David Austin's Shropshire Rose Garden and Nursery in northern England.  Remember?

I can't help it! Even though roses require quite a bit of care, in my book, no flower gives me more delight.  I love their magnificent colors, shapes and scents.  And I particularly love the abundance of blooms I get all Summer from each plant.

Are you a rosarian?

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