Wednesday, May 8, 2013

6 Year Anniversary for "Moments of Delight"

Can you believe that I have been blogging for 6 years?  Today is my blog-iversary.  Since May 7, 2007, I have written 1,758 posts (paired with one of my photographs) at

Why do I blog?  

It makes me feel good to put beautiful photos and inspiring ideas out into the world.  I like that my readers can rely on me to post ideas on flower arranging, baking, friendship, collecting.  

Etsy is exciting if you want to buy handmade designs. Pinterest is fun if you want to see photos; I blog because it is important to me to provide inspiring text as well.  Remember, thinking is good for you.

I tell people that my blog is "where sugar rules and stories matter."

I hope that over the years I have: shown you something you had never seen, inspired you to try a recipe or flower arrangement, answered a question or simply gave you delight.  

I am here, still blogging and committed to this delightful life.  All the best, Anne

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