Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day Party at The Cove in Leland

The famous "Here Comes The Sun" Party on Memorial Day at The Cove in Leland, Michigan could be heard for blocks.  The live music and shoulder-to-shoulder crowd proves that this party tradition is here to stay.  Mild mannered me was heading into the local grocery store (The Merc!) when I heard the commotion and was reminded of the annual fun.  I walked out on the bridge over the waterfall in Fishtown to take some pictures and admire the fun.

If I'd had a Diet Coke with me, I would have leaned on the bridge and stayed awhile to enjoy the music.  The walkway was full of onlookers and it felt so good to stand in the sun enjoying the view.  Here comes the sun, indeed.
The Cove restaurant is such a favorite of chef Mario Batali, that he has it named it (along with loving the Traverse City area in general) in his top 10 Foodie Destinations in-the-world.  Imagine!

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