Friday, May 24, 2013

Art is Personal: Vintage Sheet Music Sets the Mood

I made my own art!  I was given a few scores of vintage sheet music from a friend whose step-grandfather had been an movie theater organist during the silent movie era.   He contributed live music and sound effects to bring the silent pictures to life.  Throughout his life as a pianist and music lover, he amassed a huge collection of sheet music.  

My friend's family inherited his boxes of music and, knowing that I love paper, he chose a few pieces that he thought I would like to craft or decorate with.  I was given free reign to do with them whatever I wanted, but I have been too chicken to actually use the originals.

Being a photographer, I had the brainstorm to photograph the cover art (from the 1906 sheet music) and send it to the printer at Costco.  I ordered a poster of my JPEG made from "museum quality semi board."  It is stiff enough to stand on it's own on an easel (shown here, it is propped on another painting temporarily) and light enough to mount with poster putty.  Neat, eh?  I am so happy with the result and am really pleased that I did all this while still preserving the antique papers.  I love when art and technology collide!

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