Thursday, May 23, 2013

Paula's Veggie Sandwich

I am working on a recipe from memory.  When I was growing up, I spent my summers in northern Michigan.  Every so often my mom and I would be at her good friend, Paula's beach house at lunchtime and she would make us veggie sandwiches.  I had never had anything like it and to this day it sticks in my mind as one of my favorite sandwiches ever.

As an adult, I've asked her what her secret was, but between us we can only remember that it was a variety of ripe vegetables mixed with a bit of mayonnaise and shredded cheese mounded between bread and then grilled like a grilled cheese sandwich.  I remember that it included fresh shredded lettuce (which I thought was outrageous in a hot sandwich), cauliflower, green pepper, tomato, onion and zucchini. Oh to be twelve years old again and eating a sandwich in the sun on her patio.

I decided to try my hand at this beloved sandwich yesterday and this is the result.  Delicious and close...but not perfect yet.  I used smashed avocado to bind it all together (instead of mayo) and chose a sharp shredded cheddar.  Next time I am going to choose a milder shredded cheese and add more light mayo and less avocado - my version was too much like an avocado sandwich.  

Delicious, but not quite right. I want the fresh taste of the other veggies to shine through.  Part of the success of this sandwich is chopping the vegetables into tiny cubes.  They hold together easier and are oh-so-good.  Have you ever had a grilled veggie sandwich? 

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