Thursday, May 16, 2013

Cookie Monster: School Birthday Cupcakes

I'm sure it wasn't an accident that the "Garden Club Girls" moved in next door to me all those years ago.  They have brought me an incredible number of delightful moments just by being themselves and allowing me to share with them the things I know about baking, sewing crafting etc.

I helped Anna put a plastic spider onto a necklace for Halloween (She was a vampire).  I was able to help Cate with her shoe box-size "dream bedroom" project by contributing scraps of pretty fabrics to make the bed.  And, of course, our specialty is baking a Trick or Pie when we can in October.

But time marches on and the girls have grown up into lovely young ladies (14 and 16!) with far more time spent on school and sports and far fewer hours to horse around with their neighbor.  Until last week, that is, when Cate requested my help in frosting her birthday cupcakes.  Yea!  She had seen Cookie Monster cupcakes (where the Cookie Monster was eating a cookie) and was sure that we could re-create it.  

We made 24 bright blue monster cupcakes and the fact that we frosted them together made them the most delightful cupcakes in the world. Happy Birthday, Cate!

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