Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Candy Pearls for Sweets and Treats

I know I'm kind of girly, so I can only feel proud that my friend saw these beautiful French sugar pearls and thought of me.  My friend, Alison surprised me at euchre with these beautiful edible decorations.  She said that I "had to have them."  Isn't that the nicest!  

I love to bake - these will be so pretty on my cakes and cookies. 
I love these colors - they look so pretty in my aqua kitchen that I've left them out on display, and my friends have been commenting on how beautiful they are. 
The company that makes them is based in Paris - my favorite place!

I guess these are the picture perfect thing for me.  Alison, you know me well, thank you - thank you.

I had never seen any products from Eric Bur in stores, but when I went to his website online, I could see item after item that I would love to try.  The standout?  Candied lilacs!  I found them for sale online here.  

I love using candied violets on sweets and treats, but I had never heard of candied lilacs, have you?  My own lilacs are just beginning to bloom, so I am in a lilac-loving mood.  I took this photo this morning and tomorrow I plan on making some lovely arrangements for the house.  Are your lilacs blooming?

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