Friday, May 10, 2013

Marine Vinyl Clutch

This is my latest favorite purse design - a simple to construct marine vinyl clutch with clip on hardware.

What do I love about it?
  1. It is light-weight and durable.  Wipes off easily.
  2. This is a minimal sewing project (1 tab, 2 side seams, one reinforcement panel)
  3. The clip on tab lets me hook my valuables to my belt loop when shopping at a Farmer's Market or Tag Sale
  4. I happened to find this metal "bolt" embellishment (in the same shade of blue!) in the jewelry section of Michael's Craft.  The metal charm is too weird to be a necklace, but looks wonderful on a clutch
  5. The whole purse cost less than $12-15 dollars to make
I don't have time to write up a tutorial right now, but if you look at this project it is very straightforward. Keep these things in mind:
  • You only sew 4 sections with straight lines (sew the tab into thirds for strength, sew the left side of clutch, sew the right side of clutch - with dog leash threaded on tab, trap tab in seam, and sew a triangle of vinyl to reinforce flap and hide magnetic closure)
  • Put the top half (it's flat with a little nub) of the magnetic closure into the point of the triangle of extra vinyl; bend sides to secure.  Then sew that flap to the underside of the clutch flap.  This hides the prongs of the closure on the inside of the flap and reinforces the strength of the flap.
  • Magnet the other half of the closure to itself and close the flap on the clutch. Make a dent in the vinyl where the closure touches.  That is how you know the perfect place to attach the other half of the closure.
  • Peel sticker backing off of a piece of adhesive Pres On board and stick it to the inside of the clutch to add stability and cover the prongs of the magnetic closure. 

You can buy a piece of marine vinyl (sold by the yard at Joann Fabrics) in many different solid colors. I have used blue, pink and orange.  Such a great material!

You will need:  
  • A sewing machine
  • A "jeans" sewing machine needle (stronger than a regular needle)
  • One piece of marine vinyl that is 10.5 inches by 15 inches (clutch body)
  • One triangle shape piece of marine vinyl that fits just inside the flap
  • One piece of marine vinyl that is 3 inches by 2 inches (the tab)
  • One Pres On mounting board - cut to size of 10 inches by 4 inches 
  • A dog leash clasp
  • A magnetic purse clasp
  • A charm or adornment of some kind to sew to point of flap
  • All purpose thread in the color of the vinyl

Look how much my marine vinyl clutch will hold!  A narrow wallet (I made mine from a map of Scotland from a pattern featured on Martha Stewart show), a phone (that's a Cath Kidston iPhone cover) and a lipstick.  When I'm out and about, I attach the keys (the ribbon key chain can be purchased at my Etsy store) to the clip on the purse!

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