Monday, December 15, 2008

Hansel and Gretel

If you have been searching for Hansel and Gretel, look no further. I have found their gingerbread cottage in the lobby of the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, Michigan. My lovely neighbor and her Garden Club girls (age 9 & 11) invited me on a "field trip" to see this giant masterpiece in person. The gingerbread boy nearby boasts the recipe: 220 pounds of sugar, 300 pounds of gingerbread mix, 90 gallons of water, 240
We took pictures of ourselves with this luscious cottage and I asked the girls what part of the house tempted them the most. One wanted to taste each candy cane along the roofline, the other wanted to bite a gumdrop off the wall and I confessed that I would lick across the lollipop flowers and announce each flavor as I passed.

Thanks, Phyllis, for a delightful afternoon!


Katie said...

That gingerbread house looks so good!! Just looking at it makes me want something sweet to eat. I haven't seen it yet. I will have to check it out.

LillyB said...

Wow! I gained 5lbs just looking at it!! I've never made one, I have a feeling it would not survive the building processes!!

Anne Reeves said...

I used to make gingerbread houses from scratch, but you can't beat the pre-fab walls in kits these days. They come with ready-to-decorate frosting bags and everything. So much fun - you should try it next year!

Kimmers said...

At first I thought you did this and I almost fell out of my chair.
I want to know who had to break the 240 eggs.
Now I have to go see this in person too!