Thursday, June 4, 2009

Game Night

Want to liven up game night? Get some really neat dice. When I was out and about today, I simply couldn't resist these beautiful "double dice." Each translucent pastel die hold another smaller die inside! The internal die rolls freely and the result is a score as if 2 were thrown. So cool. At less than a dollar a piece, they are a beautiful bargain.


rcjmom said...


My kids use these during math. The have to add up the inside and outside numbers. They play games against each other. They even have 12 sided (or maybe it's 10 sided) dice so they can work on adding double digits too.

So much more interesting that doing worksheet after worksheet!


Torch Lake Prep said...

do tell....where did you find them ??

Anne Reeves said...

In Michigan, I found them at "Peaceable Kingdom" on Main Street in Ann Arbor. 50 cents a piece!

rcjmom said...


You may want to look at a teacher supply store. (They probably are more expensive there though...Anne found a great price!) Many schools have adopted a new math curriculum (New Math or Chicago Everyday Math) and they use these dice for it.

BLC :o said...

That is awesome!!! Xoxo-BLC