Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Visiting England: Cath Kidston

I have loved the work of Cath Kidston for years and made a beeline to one of her shops when I arrived in London.

I love her light-hearted prints, her vintage-style travel accessories, her commitment to oilcloth. Seriously, I believe in this brand and I think her approach to lifestyle design is perfect. I have seen very few designers with such a complete vision.

Cath Kidston just started making a magazine out of her print catalog (genius!) and decided to commission vintage candy tins (full of travel sweets) to sell in her store. A tin of sweets was the first thing I picked up when I arrived at her Portobello Road shop.

Because if you are going on a Summer holiday and you are packing your car full of vintage-style luggage pieces and oilcloth travel pouches, you'll need some candy for the trip, right? I love how she thinks.

I hope that someday everyone will know the name Cath Kidston.


Elaine said...

A friend of mine who lives in England sent me an apron and some kitchen towels of Cath Kidston for my birthday. I absolutely love them and would have a hard time leaving her store without buying a little bit of everything! How fun that you got to visit her store and shop in it. I am so envious!

Anne Reeves said...

What a great gift, Elaine! So sweet of your friend to send you some Cath Kidston. And yes, it was a treat!