Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Visiting England: Ledbury

We charted our route to include the little town of Ledbury so that we could visit the Elizabethan England shop and kitchen. Elizabethan England is a a brand of jams (they also make a very popular lemon curd) that is available in gourmet shops in the United States. But alas, the tiny flagship store was no where to be found!

I don't know if the brand has been sold, or simply moved locations, but there was no sign of the company I had read all about in Victoria magazine years ago.
However, I was lucky enough to find Cameron & Swan. I quickly forgot my lemon loss when I was able to sit outdoors at this lovely cafe. I had a warm goat cheese tart with roasted vegetables, homemade bread and a side salad that was so fresh it must have been picked that morning. Yum!

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