Thursday, July 29, 2010

Visiting England: Access To Sheep

Isn't she sweet? I was so happy when I was driving toward Chipping Campden and found this open fence and endless pasture. When I was planing our trip, I had visions of being able to photograph sheep in green pastures and was having a hard time finding some! Yes, I could see sheep in the distance (the English countryside is beautiful!), but not anywhere that I could get the car close enough to really compose a good shot.

I needed access to sheep! Meanwhile, I was planning to meet up with my friend, Lynn, who lives in the Cotswolds for a "cream tea." Unfortunately she had to cancel due to illness, but she kept in contact with me by texting suggestions of things she thought I should see. Such a big help!

At one point, I considered asking her if she had any "access to sheep." I had been driving in the Cotswolds for two days and hadn't secured a sheep shot!
But then I found this sweetheart. Relaxing in the shade and greeting me with a light-hearted "Baa."

Doesn't she look like she wants to tell me something?

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