Friday, July 16, 2010

Visiting England: David Austin English Roses

Our trip to England was to celebrate our wedding anniversary and was planned with one thing in mind: David Austin English roses.

My dream was to visit David Austin's Shropshire Rose Garden when it was in full bloom. I'll tell you now that I cried.

You see, my favorite roses are by David Austin.

It might sound funny to use the word "by" but it is true. David Austin and his son design roses, propagate them and nurture them into the masterpieces that you will see here.

I have so many moments and images I want to share from my visit that I have decided to sprinkle them throughout the series (rather than have an entire week dedicated to roses). I promise they will take your breath away.

This magnificent show was on one plant, happily wafting in the breeze. My only regret is that I couldn't whisper the name of it into my camera to be able to identify the bloom for you. I know that you will enjoy it just the same.


LillyB said...

These are gorgeous!!

MmeBenaut said...

So, do you think that my Pierre de Ronsard roses were
"designed" by David Austin. I see a similarity in the central petals. I think it's sweet that you cried. You're an even bigger softie than me.

Anne Reeves said...

I didn't see that name on his list, but aren't roses loaded with petals fantastic! Yep, I am a big softie.

Elaine said...

I know that I would have cried. David Austin roses are my absolute favorite roses as well. What an absolutely beautiful place to spend your anniversary. Happy Anniversary!