Friday, January 21, 2011

Sun Worship

So gorgeous!  You know how I love to stop everything in the Summer and watch the sun go down over Lake Michigan.  Well it has been ages since August and I have been missing this quiet time of night so much.

But this week I am lucky enough to see it rise over the ocean!  I've escaped the snow and cold of Michigan for a few days in the Sunshine State.

I love the shells (stay tuned for some wonderful jewelry!), the food and, of course, the view!  Most people come to Florida to lay in the sun, I choose an entirely different way to appreciate it.  

Take a moment and gaze at what looks like my own personal "inspirational poster." *sigh* 


Elaine said...

Florida has beautiful sunsets on its east and west coasts. Such a beautiful photo.

Andrea B from Oz said...

It is a stunning sunset Anne and you have captured it beautifully.