Friday, May 20, 2011

Japanese Pop-up Cards

I wanted to show you this beautiful pop-up card that I have on display right now in my front hall.  It is on a baker's rack with my collection of Chelsea dishes - the touch of blue on the dishes is the same shade as the sky and I love how they look together.  I am showing you a close up, though so that you can see the glorious detail put into these 3D cards.

I bought this card a few years ago to use as art and I love putting it on display at eye level to draw people in - that's why the baker's rack is perfect, lots of shelves!  The scene on the card depicts a form of musical theater called Noh.  Here you can see the outdoor stage, performer, audience and fire pots a blaze.  I love the colors and layers so much.  Do you want a Japanese pop-up card to enchant your guests?  You can order one here.    

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