Saturday, May 28, 2011

Travel Must-Haves

It seems I am always on the go-go-go.  I thought that today would be a good day to consolidate some of my best tips for a successful trip.

Beauty Basics:  There are two things I always keep in my travel dopp kit.  The first is a package of Oil of Olay dry 2-in-1 facial cloths.  They have gentle suds to wash your face and are perfect as one-time-use washcloths in the shower. 

I also always keep a Sonia Kashuk all-in-one make up palette from Target in my bag.  When I unpack from a trip, I leave it in my dopp kit so that no matter how quickly I pack the next time, I know that I have "a little something" for my eyes, cheeks and lips.

Packing Clothes:
I have written about how I like to plan and photograph my outfits for an important or lengthy trip.  I know it sounds like a lot of work, but it makes packing and "looking put together" on the road a whole lot easier.  You can see my explanation here.

Packing Jewelry:
You know by now that I make all of my own jewelry.  Which means I have a lot of it.  I have devised a wonderful way to get it from place to place and I want to remind you of it here.

Whoosh! I know that was a lot of suggestions and I hope it helps to keep you super cute on your next adventure away from home.  Bon Voyage!

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Barb Velasco said...

The U-Pack app for the iPad is fabulous!