Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Fall Tablescapes

It's all coming together.  This collection of unusual pieces creates the prefect Fall tablescape - one that is beautiful and interesting

I've told you about my love of cockscomb flowers...look at how I can showcase them in my knit vase.  I knit the cover on circular needles to fit a coffee can! 

I've talked about my set of commemorative tin plates from the Royal Collection.  Each plate features a china design from a different time period.  This particular plate is called "The Animal Plate."  The central image is of a lion and the design is thought to have been created by Sevres and acquired by Louis XVI of France around 1790.  It looks so formal and beautiful in my living room, yet is made of tin and is an inexpensive souvenir.  Love it!   

And of course, I was there when the Missoni for Target collection evaporated before my eyes...and now I get great satisfaction at how perfectly their glass votives (that I managed to get in my cart during the shop-tastrophy) compliment my overall look.

Yes, this is my favorite Fall tablescape yet.

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Elaine said...

A very pretty and colorful fall vignette!