Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mind's Eye

Today's post is to encourage you to take pictures.  Your mind's eye can do a great job recalling your grandmother's kitchen, but it could always use a little help "bringing to life" smaller moments.

When I was in London (swirling from jet lag), my husband and I went to Fortnum & Mason for a little shopping and dinner.  My rationale was that we were too tired for a formal meal, but that we couldn't fail heading over to the Piccadilly Circus area to shop at Fortnum & Mason and have dinner in one of their many dining rooms.  I was right!  Dinner was delish and the store was full of everything I love - dishes, stationary, linens. 

And on the first floor, among the displays of tea, jams and biscuits, was a large candy counter.  This display (behind glass) of homemade marshmallows made my mouth water.  And lucky thing for me, they had samples! 

I tried a raspberry marshmallow (yum!), shown on the pedestal stand in the back center of this photo.  It was delicious and I remember it all the more because I took this picture as it was melting in my mouth.  Whether you are sampling candy in a new city or sharing a cupcake with an old friend - take a picture.  The beauty of the moment will be with you forever.

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