Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Antique Chocolate Molds

Have you ever seen such a display?  I first saw Dad's Follies in person at the Ann Arbor Antiques Market a few years ago, but I had been well aware of their chocolate molds for years because of articles about their magnificent collection in various shelter magazines.

The company has amassed a selection of over 2,500 antique chocolate molds over the last 35 years and to be able to see this collection in person is a bit overwhelming.  All I could think of was the people behind the molds - those that used them in their heyday to make chocolates for shops, restaurants and to spoil their friends and family.  What a neat skill to have - chocolatier.
I was really happy that Dad's Follies still exhibits at the Ann Arbor Antiques Fair (only on certain months, so check the schedule).  I was going to spend the morning at the fair with my friend, Angie, and I wanted her to see this amazing display for herself.  She loved it too and even found a few treasures for herself.

While I am apt to try molding a chocolate rabbit (I love the challenge of making something cute), my dad is apt to bring one home from the candy store!  Remember this one?  If it's Easter, my dad is on the lookout for a giant chocolate rabbit.  He just can't help himself - and I love it!

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