Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Rummage Sale

I have a weakness for church rummage sales, but after finding things like these "milk glass" blue dinner plates, can you blame me?  The minute I saw them, I knew that they would be perfect to highlight my antique Chelsea dishes.  I was able to get a set of four and they are on my kitchen table, looking just like the photo, as we speak.

I also found an electric warming tray for entertaining (my secret to a successful brunch is keeping the breakfast strata and french toast casserole hot!) for $3.  I think I am going to take this one up to the cottage to use for all of our Fourth of July festivities.

If the mood strikes, see if you can find a church rummage sale in your area.  You never know what treasures you'll find, and with DIY fever going around, you can breathe new life into many items with just a coat of paint.  My last "find" was a large round basket with handles for $1.  I know will look brand new with a shot of spray paint.  I'm just not sure what color to paint it or where I will put it, but there's time!


MmeBenaut said...

I love those blue plates and you're right, they look beautiful with your dinner set. Very good shopping there Anne!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks! I have really been drawn to that color periwinkle lately!