Friday, May 18, 2012

Cookie Spoons

I have a new friend who loves tea, tea sandwiches and tea parties and we've been getting to know each other over tea-for-two.  We each make some favorite recipes and while away the afternoon talking and eating sandwiches, scones and sweets.

I have really enjoyed our time together and love the fact that it gives me an occasion to try out some new things.  For example, I have had a really neat "cookie spoon mold" for over a year now and I've never used it!  It is a white bake-able plastic that you fill with cookie dough and bake.  Each tray makes 4 spoons at a time.  Aren't they cute?!  I used the shortbread-like recipe that came with the mold to ensure that the spoons were sturdy enough to place on a saucer and not break.  Perfection!  And they are delicious too.

Want to make your own cookie spoons?  My suggestion is to buy two molds, so that you can have 8 cookie spoons baking in the oven at once.  And at around $2 a mold, a set can fit in most budgets.  Have fun!      


Barb Velasco said...

What a great and cute idea!

Anne Reeves said...

Thanks Barb! I knew I would love them once I saw the just took me forever to get around to making them!