Monday, May 7, 2012

Super Cute Pens

I had a revelation the other day, after I gave away one of these darling pens to my Mom.  I had seen these pens (sold in sets of two) Target (in the bins near the front) and bought myself a set for $1. 

I happened to give one to my Mom, telling her "this is for your purse" and she loved it.  So it occurred to me, this is fun.  I want to give these pens away.  I went back to the store and bought five more sets. 

Then I gave a green one to my sister-in-law.  And an orange one to my friend in Virginia when I was at her house.  I'm on a roll!

And I was right.  It is really fun to "delight" a friend with a little something super cute for no reason.  And everyone likes to have a pretty pen in their purse. 

So how about it.  Are you considering giving a little something away?  A tin of mints?  A brand new sunblock lip balm? I bet you can think of something fun to share.  Let me know!  And remember, your goal is to give a moment of delight. 

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Jen Park said...

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