Friday, May 25, 2012

Perfect Peony Bouquet

My foyer has never looked so pretty.  After losing my small hedge of peonies to a flood (broken soaker hose) last year, I am starting over (sniff) and have bought 3 peony plants and planted them on the other side of the house, just to be safe.

The established plants had 2 buds each and I am reaping the rewards the week.  Fringed with lilacs, they look gorgeous in my pink glass vase.  How did I have such a perfect pink vase?  Simple, last Summer I painted the outside of an empty glass jar (from either spaghetti sauce or canned peaches, I can't tell) with craft paint.  Once it is dry, it looks like old-fashioned pink glass and I love it.

I am happiest when I can cut flowers and arrange a bouquet for the house.  Have you started bringing flowers indoors yet?  

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