Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Traverse City: Iris Farm

Sometimes finding delight is as simple as being ready to experience a moment when it presents itself. 
When we talked about making plans for our weekend up north for Memorial Day, we acknowledged that a lot depended on whether or not "the iris were in bloom."  For 2 weeks a year, this magnificent field is open to the public and the flowering stalks are available for sale.  The weather, temperature and rain all play a factor in the timing, but it is generally in late May.  After our unpredictable Spring, I wasn't sure what the plants would be doing.
My Mom and I visit the iris farm every time my schedule and the iris sync up.  Eureka! It was another banner weekend!  It was 90 degrees (unheard of! Today it is back to 69) and there were 800 colors of German iris in bloom!  We walked up and down the rows with an open basket and scissors (provided when you check in) and we had an absolute field day (sorry, I couldn't resist) choosing which blooms to pick for our bouquet.  Each stalk is $1 and has many blooms each. 

This was one of my favorites and it is called Toasted Watermelon. You can called the farm at (231) 947-9040 to reserve a plant of your own, I believe people commit to buying a plant now and then they are available to customers in the Fall.  What fun!

One of our arrangements!


Ruth Ann said...

Your plants and photographs are fabulous, as as always!

I'd like to order some things offered on Etsy, but I dont and won't use Etsy, due to many problems with the company. I see that your regular site is gone, so, may I order directly from you?

Many thanks!

Anne Reeves said...

Yes, Ruth Ann, you can email me at anneheldreeves@hotmail.com to let me know what you would like to purchase. I can take your payment info (visa/MasterCard) over the phone. Thanks