Monday, April 15, 2013

PGA National Resort, Palm Beach Gardens

PGA National Resort is getting it right.  When guests arrive in Florida anytime between November and April, odds are they are getting away from the reality of a cold winter.

What do I think these guest want?  As many opportunities as possible to be outdoors.  To feel the sun.  To breathe.  No thumping soundtrack.  No digital screens required.       

Look at this beautiful space I found to sit and relax.  It has a large gas fire pit surrounded with handsome outdoor couches and chairs.  I'd love to sit here at night under the stars, with ice cream drink in hand!

I found it to be just as enjoyable during the day.  My dad and I were checking out the pro shop (He gravitated to the Honda Classic apparel.  I was drawn to their great selection of Lilly Pulitzer - some day I'm getting one of those big beautiful scarves!) and afterwards we wandered into this lovely open space.

We sat and talked, watched the golfers on the putting green and felt the sun on our face.  I knew right away that I wanted to bring Dan back for here lunch on another day.  It was so relaxing.
This is the view of the pool area - you can have a casual lunch here too - isn't it pretty?  I have been coming to this resort to lunch and shop for years, and I must say that the renovations have managed to make this resort feel even more special. Well done!

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