Friday, April 5, 2013

Washington, DC: Shopping at CB2

I absolutely love the housewares designed for CB2 (a Crate and Barrel company).  Thin glass serving pieces, interesting appetizer plates, teardrop hanging vases.  To me, the mood is a little Japanese, a little Scandinavian and a lot cool.  I haven't been to Chicago in ages (the only place I've seen their stores), so I've had to rely on the catalog to keep me current.

But then there I was, walking in Georgetown and I came upon a CB2!  I wandered the store and admired all the pieces that I had flagged in the catalog. I carried a clear glass milk creamer, a hanging vase and 3 candlesticks around the store until I could come to grips with the fact that they wouldn't fit in my luggage.  It made more sense to order them out of the catalog, like I had been doing all along.  Somehow that isn't as much fun as buying them on a trip.

I took this photo of the store's entertaining section to show you the pretty clear glasses, colorful appetizer plates and accessories that make hosting a party easy.

You'll be happy to know that the items look every bit as good in person as they do in the catalog and I've never been disappointed with anything that I've ordered.  This is my favorite item, a glass chemistry beaker with a hole to hang it with a bit of ribbon.

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