Monday, April 8, 2013

Washington, DC: Georgetown Cupcakes

I had been goggling "D.C. Cupcakes" on my smart phone and getting nothing!  The name of the popular cupcake show was stuck in my head and I wanted to visit while I was in Washington, D.C.  

Then I rounded the corner and there it was: Georgetown Cupcake!  As if the line didn't give it away, the bright window signs trumpeted a new season of TLC's show about two sisters and their growing cupcake business.
You can see it was quite a dreary March day - cold and damp.  We had shopped around town a little and decided that it was "worth it" to wait in line and have the fun of being part of the crowd.  Those in line were happy to be there.  How can you mind when your primary thought is, "Should I get vanilla butter cream or red velvet?"  

We did have a good-natured father as "our" (those of us in line) spokesman. We amused ourselves by watching people round the corner, see the line and stop in their tracks.  The father would call out "Don't do it!" or "We've been here 45 minutes - save yourself!"  It was fun and light-hearted and it made us feel a little less crazy for waiting for cupcakes.  

But, in fact, it was worth it because it made for a wonderful memory.  Standing in line, holding hands and thinking about frosting is not a bad way to spend a little free time.

We bought four cupcakes (Cherry Blossom, Peanut Butter Fudge, Lava Fudge and Carrot Cake) and were lucky to find a table in the window.  Each table had a bouquet of fresh flowers on it and we found ourselves on a very lovely date.
Sometimes doing something a little silly and not at all practical, can be the most fun you've had in a long time.  Bonus - the cupcakes were outstanding.  The butter cream was sweet and smooth and thick.  The cakes were fresh and dense and flavorful.  Dan and I shared the 4 cupcakes; passing half-eaten cakes with frosting coated fingers.  Cooing and proclaiming delight with every bite.

Thank you, Georgetown Cupcake!

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