Wednesday, April 17, 2013

West Palm Beach: Green Market Saturday

It looks like I was in Morocco, but lo and behold, this is West Palm Beach!  Just adjacent to the WPB Antique and Flea market on Banyan, was a beautiful open market.

You can shop the West Palm Beach Green Market every Saturday and see beautiful produce, flowers and, yes, spices for sale.  This booth is by Scoche.  A spice and tea blend company with camera-ready displays.  
It was the scented air that drew me over.  The aroma of ground spice and fragrant tea was irresistible.

When I saw these beautiful tea blends (I love being able to see the ingredients), I told the vendor about how I had seen silver dragees (small edible silver balls used in cake decorating) mixed into tea blends to add a holiday sparkle.  It didn't seem like he was going to try it, but I thought I would contribute an idea when I could.  I am going to try this myself in the near future and I'll show you.
(Update: see my beautiful tea here)

If you visit the West Palm Beach Green Market, be sure to seek out Scoche.  Keep walking and breathing until you find yourself in wafts of scented air.  You can't miss it. 

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