Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Duck Tape Hair Accessories

Happiness is making your own duct tape hair accessories!  I am very crafty and love making things that girls will love with Duck Tape.  I've made totes, wallets, wristlets and hair bows out of duck tape and they always turn out well.

When I was thinking of the perfect craft to make with my cousins' 3 fourteen-year-old daughters, I knew that I wanted to use Duck Tape.  Remember the duck tape wristlets we made last year?

You see, every year over Easter vacation in Florida, I get to spend an evening crafting with the girls.  They are enthusiastic, eager to learn and highly complimentary. What's not to love?  I wish I could craft with them all the time, but they live on the other side of Michigan.  Luckily we all spend Easter vacation together in Florida and we make the most of our time together.

When I was considering what kind of accessory we should make together, I came across this headband with bow video (produced by the duck tape brand) on YouTube.  The instructions are simple and the results are darling.  My aunt (their grandmother) came along on my field trip to the craft store and bought "denim" Duck Tape (shown above), a roll of "argyle" Duck Tape, adhesive Velcro dots (to make the headband a perfect fit) and my favorite new craft item, non-stick scissors!  They cut through Duck Tape like a breeze and greatly increase the likelihood of happy crafters.  

Each of the girls made a perfect denim headband with a matching bow.  If only the 1920's could see them now.  They posed for group shots modeling their headbands and my heart swelled to twice its size.  They were so happy with the headbands and were so pleased with themselves.

Once they had mastered making a classic bow, they started making little bows with patterned Duck Tape and taping them onto bobby pins with a narrow strip of duck tape (below).  I can imagine these tween girls on the tennis court/track team/volleyball court wearing Duck Tape hair bows that match their team colors. I love it! 
The fun was just beginning when they realized that they could stack a smaller bow on top of a larger one.  They taped the two bows together and then attached them (with a band of duck tape!) to a pony tail holder.  It made the very popular "messy bun on top of head" hairstyle look a little more pulled together. So cute!  
The girls kept thanking me for teaching them how to make these Duck Tape hair accessories.  It was me who should be thanking them (and Duck Tape brand!), I've never had so much fun.

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