Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Patricia Wells Cooking in Paris

I want to go back to Paris!  I have been thinking of doing lectures on finding delight in Paris to inspire travelers to get the most out of their trip.  I could do a Power Point presentation (my photos are glorious!) and use my book on Paris ("Paris: Delight in the City of Light") as a guide.  Wouldn't that be neat?

As I have been brainstorming, I've been going through my photos from my trips and came across this fabulous photo from my time with Patricia Wells in her cooking school in Paris.  The week exceeded my expectations.  I remember shelling peas at a table with Patricia Wells - I was so happy my heart was pounding.  She loves what I love and it was so very fun to be able to look her in the eye and talk about food, cooking techniques and our mutual respect for the 45th parallel (FYI - the 45th Parallel is known around the world as having a climate perfect for growing stone fruit. It also happens to be where I spend my summers).  Patricia was a wonderful teacher and exceptional host - I cherish the time I spent in her kitchen creating meal after meal.  I loved it!

I need to get back to Paris! 

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