Sunday, June 16, 2013

Rose Garden Tour by Anne Reeves

I can finally take you on a garden walk!  It is June 16, 2013, my roses are in full bloom and I made a short video to show you each variety, what it is named and what it looks like.  May this private tour bring you a moment of delight. Enjoy!

The roses currently blooming in my garden are: (in order shown)

Honey Dijon by Weeks Roses
Graham Thomas by David Austin
Lillian Austin by David Austin
Paul McCartney 
Veterans Honor
Royal Amethyst
(antique magenta pink)
Abraham Darby by David Austin
Eden (climber)
Bill Warriner 
Koko Loco
Heritage by David Austin
Abraham Darby by David Austin


Renate said...

Absolutely stunning Anne - most certainly a "delight of the day". :) x

Anne Reeves said...

Yea! Thanks, Renate! It is so neat that you can tour my garden - all the way from England!! I love technology. xo