Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Recommendations Bring Delight: Trillium

Look at this woodland with waves of trillium in full bloom.   A spectacular sight and one that I would never have known about if it hadn't been for a tip from a friend.
Trillium is a wild flower that blooms in the Spring in northern Michigan. I believe this variety is the Great White Trillium.  The woods by our cottage have a few lone trillium plants (at one point they were an endangered species), so I am used to seeing a handful of white blooms at the base of the trees, but I had never ever seen an area covered in trillium. In fact, the photo might trick your eye into thinking that you are seeing dappled light.  Most of white you see in the woods above are blooms!

I am writing this post to showcase some beautiful wild trillium, but I also want this post to remind you to share what you know with others.  I rarely see the  topic of "making recommendations" discussed.  We often leave it to the magazines to show us what's new or point us to a destination.  I think that the wealth of knowledge you have should be put to good use.  

When you are having a conversation, listen to what is really being said.  Is the person living a "rush rush" life? Maybe they'd like the piece and quiet of reading the book you just read.  Is someone having guests come into town?  Why don't you pass along what you know about that new restaurant you tried.  Or loan them a bouquet from your garden.  Think of your life as a directory of experiences that you can share.  

I say this because I was at an art opening a few weeks ago and spoke of how I'd spent part of the afternoon photographing marsh marigolds.  A woman I know heard me gushing about the flower-filled river and said since I had enjoyed that so much, maybe I'd like to drive up toward Northport and see a particular area of woods that was covered with trillium in bloom.  Would I!  It was very kind of her to put on her thinking cap and suggest other things I'd like to see - something that was also a limited engagement! If I didn't get up there within a day or two, I'd miss the bloom.

So off I went the next day, with her directions in mind.  I took a disc full of photographs and I mailed her a note of thanks on a photo card featuring these trillium-filled woods.

Have you been making recommendations lately?  You never know how it will bring delight.            

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