Monday, January 12, 2009

Detroit Institute of Arts

Looking for a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon? Plan a visit to your local art museum.

My husband & I went for the special exhibit "Monet to Dali" (loved it!) at the DIA and really enjoyed our afternoon wandering through all of the collections.

An unexpected moment (and surprisingly my favorite part) was entering the Great Hall. The museum had hung hundreds of mirrored discs from the ceiling on clear thread. As air currents moved in the grand room, the area twinkled. It was breathtaking and I managed to capture a moment on video to show you. Remember, art is everywhere.


Bettina said...

WOW ! I thought the photo was lovely and i got the idea, but seeing your little video made it breathtaking. It must have been wonderful to be in that room.

kerrie said...

I went two weeks ago and had the same reaction to the great hall. Thanks for sharing with everyone. Especially nice way to experience sunshine in Michigan's cold weather! I enjoyed the exhibit, but was suprised there was only one Dali painting.