Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I think that candlelight is so pretty on a Winter evening. I have been lighting a candle every night to add a little something extra to dinner or coffee on the couch.

That being said, I have also been wanting to try making candles. Not a production line of pillars or anything. Just a few.

What could be better than transforming a favorite item into something that glows?

Do you remember this "dishes by the pound" treasure that I bought last June? I have breathed new life into it with pale pink wax. A "Soy Candle Kit" from Michael's included everything I needed: wax, candle-making thermometer, wicks and even scent & color cubes. It was easy and I must confess that not long after it set, I was trolling the house looking for other items to convert. Do you like candlelight?


LillyB said...

This is beautiful! Was it hard to make the candles? Can you reuse the container once you have used it? It turned out beautiful!!!

Anne Reeves said...

It is simple! Designate a double boiler for candlemaking (shouldn't cook food in it later), put water in the bottom pan, pour the candle wax flakes in the top pan, place on burner and melt wax (monitor the wax temp with the enclosed themometer). When it reaches a certain point you scrape in enclosed fragrance and color. Pour in mold (adding enclosed wick) and you're done! Whole thing takes about 15-20 min. You can't reuse item later, it is now designated as a candle holder. Container needs to be able to withstand heat and not be flamable. Read all instructions and follow, but it was simple. Try it! And thanks - I'm glad you think it is beautiful - me too!