Friday, January 16, 2009

Edible Art

I have a 3-tier white wire plate rack that sits on the island in my kitchen. I stack it with the fresh produce I have on hand - usually lemons & limes on the top rack, apples & pears in the middle and red skin potatoes, squash and onions on the bottom. It looks lovely and always inspires me to cook with something fresh.

What I love is that everyone mentions it when they come in the kitchen. I think they are taken aback at how pretty everyday produce can look on display. I always try to "eat around the rainbow" and keeping the color out where I can see it makes the task far easier. Are you eating enough vitamins and minerals?

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Bettina said...

Oh yes I am ;-) I'm very much into diet and nutrision. And you're absolutely right it's so important to make the food look good, and fruit and vegetables looks like art when they are presented right.