Thursday, January 8, 2009

See, Hear, Do

I just turned to July 2009 on my calendar and wrote "Lavender Farm" in an open space at the top. I also wrote "Sheep Festival" on the May page and "Black Raspberries" at the top of August.

Time goes so quickly and the day-to-day bustle can make it easy to miss the really special events that only happen once a year. What do you want to see, hear, do this year? Figure out when it happens and jot a note to yourself on the calendar. You'll be glad you did.


LillyB said...

I'm so bad about missing birthday's and I always have been! (head dropped) one of my promises to myself is to improve on this..the older I get the more notes I write to myself!!

Anne Reeves said...

I move all birthdays onto my calendar at once in January and mark them with a balloon or candle sticker. Otherwise I'd be sunk!