Monday, June 28, 2010

Garden of Delight

I am home after 10 days in England (glorious!) and I am happy to say that my garden is fine. I left a senior member of the Roseglen Garden Club in charge (she's 13) and I returned to find the patio in full bloom.

In fact, we got home as a storm was about to hit, so I cut all of these to keep them from getting batted around in the wind. I placed them in the nearest container of water and I think I will keep the arrangement as is - what could be prettier than this?

I want you to know that I will be starting my "Private Tour of England" blog series in early July. I just need to get my bearings, organize my photos, collect my thoughts and write! I can't wait to show you. It seemed that every moment was a delight.


Rose Silver said...

I really love your flower blooms. Your flowers looks good in a medium height glass vase. Then put some pretty accessories such as ribbons.

Anne Reeves said...

Yes, rose, a ribbon tucked in would be gorgeous!