Saturday, June 12, 2010


This combination took my breath away. I think the painting is gorgeous, but the color on the walls and the placement of the orchid in front makes it so much more.

Can you see what I mean? Imagine a tray of violets on the table instead of the orchid-it wouldn't look right, would it?

Or imagine that the walls were painted pale gray like the marble table top - bland right?

Sometimes you have to see something in place before you know if it is right. The design term for this process is "auditioning." You are "auditioning" pieces in a setting to see if they should be given the part. Neat, eh?

I thought you might like to throw this into your next home makeover conversation..."I need to audition some new pillows for the family room." Ha!


Patricia said...

Hi there!

Long time ago ... =)
Nice painting...looks like the motive is from Sweden...allmost what I see when I look out the window from my livingroom... =)

I like to "audition" things in my home, try diferent placing and so on...move things around a bit... =)

Hope you´ve had a nice weekend!
Love Patricia

Anne Reeves said...

Hi Patricia! If that is what the view looks like from your living room, I'm coming over! :-) Lucky girl. Yes, isn't it fun to mix and match pieces around your home? Glad you came by to say hi! xo Anne

MmeBenaut said...

Yes, I get it. I do love the painting and also that pale sage green on the walls. The painting is absolutely lovely. The orchid? I don't know, I find that it interrupts the painting, in fact, I had to do a double take when I first saw the photo.

You're such a clever decorator though Anne, I would always bow to your judgement :)