Monday, June 7, 2010

Rose Chart

When you have one spectacular rose bush, you memorize its name and give praise heartily ("Oh, Graham, you look gorgeous!")

Once you start to have several different varieties of roses, your guests will naturally ask, "Which one is this?" That's when having your very own rose chart can come in handy.

Whenever I buy a new rose bush, I remove the colorful tag that comes attached (leave the metal tag on the bush itself for identification) and tape it onto my rose chart, which is essentially a foam core board.

Since it is made of foam core, it is sturdy so I am able to store it leaning against the garage wall.

I am not precious with it (it is dusty and a little banged up), but it works like a charm. I have the plant info right at my fingertips and I've been known to take it with me to the greenhouse! I look a little funny standing among the roses with my chart, but it helps me remember which varieties I already have.

Wouldn't you like a simple rose chart?


LillyB said...

What a fabulous idea!! I am sharing this with my mom..she has so many roses and I cant keep up! I am the cook not the gardner in the family lol

Anne Reeves said...

Oh good! Tell her "Anne" says hello! Oh, and tell her I met David Austin in England! You can show her my posts about it when I start my England series in July.