Friday, June 18, 2010

Oilcloth Cases

If you had a stack of this oilcloth, you wouldn't be able to resist either! I was thinking about the Summer jaunts I have planned and a girl's gotta protect her electronics, right? I absolutely LOVE these cases that I made this week.

I had actually made a small number of felt-lined cases similar to these for a "one-hour gift show" I participated in last month and they sold out in a snap! My plan is to make more and bring them to an Artist Market where I'll be a vendor in July.

When people ask me what I'll be selling at this event (I haven't done a real show in years and I am excited to talk to my customers again!), I tell them that I'll be signing my book, Moments of Delight, and that I'll have my magazine bags (DELIGHT totes), ANA cigar box purses, tin wallets, 2-of-a-kind necklaces, paper art matchbox sets, oilcloth cases, DELIGHT jam jar vases...

My goal is to get them to say, "Ohhh...when is it?" I love what I do.


LillyB said...

The rest of the world is very fortunate that you love what you do Anne! You bless us with your creativity!

Anne Reeves said...

You've made my day, Lilly!