Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Jewelry Pouches

Do I have to make everything myself? Apparently yes.
I have been looking for inexpensive travel pouches to protect my necklaces when I pack, and there aren't any to be found.

Like so many people, I move around a lot in the Summertime. I go to the cottage. I go to family reunions. Sometimes I go on a big adventure that I will blog about here (yea!).

And when I travel hither and yon, I need to look super cute, right? Which means lots of jewelry options. I've figured out how we both can make travel jewelry pouches in under 5 minutes.

You'll need a roll of bubble wrap and a roll of patterned duct tape, often displayed near the check out counter of craft stores.

Cut the bubble wrap into a rectangle (6" x 14" or whatever size you need), fold it in half and tape two of the sides together using the duct tape (I find that the easiest way to cut duct tape is with a rotary cutter on a self-healing mat). This will leave one side as the opening. You're done.

Make as many as you need and travel with them in a hard-sided box. I like the white lidded cardboard boxes at Michael's craft store or you could get my favorite container by Snapware. You can see more of my jewelry management tips here.

This should help to keep your necklaces safe and your Summer outfits fabulous.

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