Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sort of Shortbread

So pretty! Do you have a shortbread pan? I have only used mine a few times because I thought I could only use shortbread dough in it. But a little while ago, I found myself with extra cookie dough and needed something to bake it in. The recipe wasn't shortbread, but it was a sturdy dough and I thought, why not?

I can now attest that a shortbread pan (especially a non-stick one) works great with other doughs, so live a little! Dig your shortbread pan out of the basement and give it a try the next time you have some extra dough. This recipe is Wilton's Cookies-on-a-Stick and it worked like a charm - I love how each square shows an herb or fruit.

When someone walks in the kitchen and says, "Oh, you made shortbread!", just answer, "Sort of."


LillyB said...

Very pretty!!

Anne Reeves said...

Thank you! A "John Derian" platter helps to make the shortbread pop!