Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Books and Boggle

I love a good book club. I think the combination of interesting women, a topic to discuss and snacks is genius.

I have been in one book club for close to twelve years now. I've seen the members have babies, buy houses, explore toddler hood, join the Girl Scouts and now they are talking about dance recitals! Even I can say, "Where does the time go?" I love this group for our history.

Then I was invited to join another book club and it is a completely different experience. I am the only one "new" to the group and finding my way through their topics, interests and perspective has been fascinating. I really look forward to getting to know this group even more.

And then, yes, because I love people (and to read!) I have started joining yet another group of women that read. Much less structure (we meet at a tea house or restaurant), but we are held together with the common thread of our volunteer work.

I've decided that book club discussions are a lot like the game, Boggle. When you "shake up" the book topic and participants, you never know where the conversation will go!

Here is a link to a Reading Group Guide to help your book club to have fruitful discussions. Enjoy!

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